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SimWare Framework FAQ

SimWare Framework is an innovation for massive real time distributed simulation.

Nowadays Interoperable and Open architectures are a growing demand for Simulation because of requirements for seamless Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Interoperability and for the development of a Simulation System with a plug-play architecture.

SimWare is the first commercial product to fulfill these requirements, offering a framework for M&S that enables real time distributed simulation with an open and fully interoperable architecture.

SimWare is founded on a distributed data centric architecture that brings together IEEE HLA and the OMG DDS standard (Data Distribution Service for Real Time Systems). SimWare data-centric approach and real time features, based on proven DDS standards, allows opening the architecture of a simulator, improving its ROI and time-to-market. SimWare Interoperable Wire Protocol, based on DDS Interoperability (DDSI) protocol, provides the best solution for seamless LVC Interoperability, avoiding actual point to point gateways solutions.

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Test it for free!

You can download and try SimWare Framework with an evaluation license. Ask for your evaluation license free of charge.

SimWare RTI: Where HLA meets DDS


SimWare RTI is the first HLA middleware with an Open Wire Protocol, based on DDSI.

SimWare RTI takes advantage of DDS features to open the network interface and to deliver real time performance in data distribution.

SimWare RTI can be used as an standalone product, in HLA federations with real time requirements or with requirements to integrate with DDS compliant systems, and also as the HLA middleware to SimWare, providing HLA compliance to SimWare based solutions.

It is a HLA Run Time Infrastructure designed for Real Time Performance in large HLA Federations. SimWare RTI offers all the functionality of a HLA RTI with the performance, power and reliability of DDS. SimWare RTI provides all simulation services required for Virtual and Live simulation

SimWare RTI has reached its maturity with the release of version 2.0. The new version combines the entire HLA services with the full power of DDSI. NADS has been present in the 2013 Berlin OMG meting to probe that all SimWare products can run over DDSI with the required QoS.

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Test it for free!

You can download and try SimWare RTI with an evaluation license. Ask for your evaluation license free of charge.


SimWare Lab is a out-of-the-box simulation laboratory that joins together the best simulation COTS in a highly effective real time architecture. The core of the laboratory has been built using SimWare Framework. Together with SimWare RTI they provide the central hub for simulation and test.

With SimWare Lab Simulator we demonstrate, out-of-the-box, interoperability between different simulation architectures from different vendors like Mäk, Pitch, DMSO and NADS and COTS like Stage, VrForces and VBS2

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Test it for free!

You can download and try SimWare Lab with an evaluation license. Ask for your evaluation license free of charge.


Data distribution service for real-time systems (DDS) is a specification of a publish/subscribe middleware for distributed systems created by the Object Management Group (OMG).

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A high-level architecture (HLA) is a general purpose architecture for distributed computer simulation systems. Using HLA, computer simulations can interact with other computer.

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We can compare DDS versus HLA, but this comparison has to center in the common grounds of both standards. These common features are mostly related with the communication capabilities.

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SimWare software has two licensing models:
  • Perpetual Licenses
  • Subscription
Additionally, an Academic License is available for Public Research Institutions. Click here to discover


NADS provides a wide range of Solutions as well as Support & Services around SimWare. From recertification/rehosting for other non-standard platforms to applications for specific needs. If you feel that SIMWARE fits into your needs, ask us how to size it for your project.
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